Task Force of Planning and Evaluation discussed follow-ups of survey on talents needs

The Task Force of Planning and Evaluation under the Talents Development Committee has held the first meeting in the year of 2016, chaired by Dr. Yeung Tsun Man Eric, Convener of the Task Force. During the meeting, the committee members discussed the research data of talents needs and follow-ups. The research data came from a previous survey, conducted for the prospect of building the world’s tourism and leisure center, on talents needs in five sectors in Macao – hospitality, catering, conferencing & exhibitions, gaming and retailing.

According to the Committee Secretariat, across the five captioned sectors, there are demand gaps in senior, mid-level and junior positions for managerial talents, professional talents and application talents, and there is prospect of promotional and lateral moves. Also, as further work of the first-stage survey, with statistical analysis and scientific ranking of the survey data, the Committee has quantified demand gaps in the five sectors as well as made a preliminary list of needs levels of talents in these sectors accordingly. After summarizing the related reports, the Committee had a discussion based on the data. They agreed that such information will not only help those Macao residents looking for promotional or lateral moves to identify their career paths, to engage in further studies with planning and to improve their own qualifications, but will also provide reference for training institutions to set up well-targeted programs. Considering that Macao is in a period of economic adjustment, some committee members suggested that systematic analyses be done on the survey results, and that delegates from the captioned sectors be gathered to offer comments in order to enhance accuracy of the survey data against the influence of economic adjustment.

Then the Committee Secretariat reported follow-ups of the optimization of the talent information registration system. The new system will clearly display information input by the registrant anti-chronologically, and will better ensure the authenticity and validity of the registrant’s education background, work experience and certificates by a series of methods. In the meeting, the committee members discussed the optimization of the system, indicating that convenience for users and quality of data are equally important in data collection, for these data will serve the planning of future talents development. Presently, upgrading work of the system is in the final stage, and the new system will be launched in due time after internal testing.

These members in the Task Force of Planning and Evaluation attended the meeting: Yeung Tsun Man Eric, Chan Chi Fong, Liu Liang, Lao Chi Ngai, Fong Ka Chio, Van Iat Kio, Ung Choi Kun, Sio Un I and Sou Chio Fai. Other committee members in attendance included: Lou Pak Seng, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Pang Su Seng, Wong Chi Hong, Lao Pun Lap and Ip Sio Kai.