Task Force of Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao hopes to integrate all kinds of information to attract talents to return

The Task Force of Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao under the Talents Development Committee recently held the first meeting in the year of 2016, chaired by Convener of the Task Force Lao Pun Lap. During the meeting, the committee discussed various ideas of attracting talents to return to Macao.

To enable the public, especially people who want to return to Macao, to learn more comprehensively about livelihood in Macao and about information on talents development, the Task Force’s discussions have generated a plan that follows the examples of neighbouring regions, of building a one-stop information platform on the basis of the Talents Development Committee website. Such a platform can integrate information from various public departments in Macao. Hopefully the public will have easier access to Macao information on this integrated and convenient online platform as per their needs.

On the other hand, The Task Force of Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao also had discussions on how overseas talents from Macao can provide services in Macao during their short-period returns. There was a preliminary proposal to invite qualified overseas talents from Macao to make short-period returns and serve in functions like teaching, coaching and consulting. Based on this proposal, the Committee Secretariat will contact public colleges and universities in Macao respectively to learn about procedures for recruiting teaching and research staff. The committee members agreed on the direction of this proposal, and suggested integrating recruitment information of the colleges and universities into the committee website as a first step, making information dissemination more consistent and timely.

As an important job of the Talents Development Committee, attracting talents to return requires systematic collection of Macao information talents are interested in and needs the cooperation of various public departments. Besides, the committee welcomes Macao residents’ comments and suggestions for further improving the SAR government’s strategies on talents development. These members in the Task Force of Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao attended the meeting: Lao Pun Lap, Pang Su Seng, Lao Chi Ngai, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Ung Choi Kun, Chan Mei Yi Melinda and Sou Chio Fai.