Talents Development Committee strengthened exchange with professional associations and discussed framework for Incentive Plan for the Nurturing of Qualified Professionals

The Subgroup of Incentive Plan for the Qualified Professionals under the Talents Development Committee recently held the second Subgroup meeting in the year of 2016, chaired by the Subgroup Leader Van Iat Kio. Macao Professional Development Association was invited by the Secretariat of the Committee to attend the meeting, and both sides have exchanged ideas and explored the works on the development of local talents. After that, the Committee held a discussion on the framework of the Incentive Plan for the Nurturing of Qualified Professionals.

In the meeting, representatives of Macao Professional Development Association President Kou Chon Fai and Director Vong Kin Keong introduced the Association’s works related to talent development. Founded in 2010, the Association has members from different professional sectors. It has organized a number of activities including academic lectures, sharing sessions and seminars to assist enterprises to optimize planning and management of talents on one hand, and provide support to the youth in facilitating professional development on the other, fostering the improvement of the overall environment for local talents in Macao. Members of the Subgroup expected more opportunities to exchange ideas with other professional associations on the works for talent development.

Afterwards, members of the Subgroup held a discussion on designing the framework for the “Incentive Plan for the Nurturing of Qualified Professionals”, with the aim of setting up a financial aid framework to push forward the nurturing of different kinds of qualified professionals which would start with skills enhancement of talents in various professional sectors in Macao in the short run to enable those lacking of market to get more offers. In the future, it is expected to nurture a group of competitive high-level talents on a continuous and steady basis for the region. Based on the principle of fairness, the members of the sub-group carried out in-depth discussions on issues such as application method, required documents for application, composition of training proposal, approval criteria and the configuration of assessment expert group.

Committee members attending the Subgroup meeting of Incentive Plan for the Qualified Professionals included Van Iat Kio, Tai Wa Hou, Ip Sio Kai, Lou I Wa, So Ying Suen, Yu Wing Yat, Iu Vai Pan, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Ung Choi Kun, Liang Baijin and Sou Chio Fai.