Talents Development Committee hopes to establish multiple platforms and guidance to encourage talents to return to Macao

The Task Force of Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao under the Talents Development Committee recently held the second meeting in the year of 2016, chaired by Convener of the Task Force Lao Pun Lap. During the meeting, the Committee Secretariat updated the follow-up actions on the Pilot Project of Overseas Talents from Macao Providing Short-Term Services in Macao (hereinafter as “Pilot Project”), as well as the progress of establishing Returning Service Information Platform for Macao Residents Outside of Macao (hereinafter as “Returning Service Information Platform”).,.

In preparation for the Pilot Project, the Committee Secretariat has met with representatives from higher education institutions in Macao to learn about their recruiting procedures of teaching and research staff, as well as to take advice from the colleges and universities on the project feasibility and action plans. At the current stage, three colleges and universities have joined the project, with their teaching and research staff recruiting websites accessible through hyperlinks on the website of the Talents Development Committee, which helps provide information to people who plan to return to Macao to work in related fields. Later, the Committee will also follow up with the colleges and universities on how the project is working.

In regards to the functions of the Returning Service Information Platform, it was proposed that it should not only serve as a channel to share updates, but should also be able to respond to enquiries. The information to be updated should include the overall development of Macao, as well as the latest news in major industries or sectors in short supply of talents, so Macao talents planning to return could identify personal development opportunities. The platform should also provide service information customised for returning Macao talents, such as entering Macao, integrating into local community, job hunting, residence and medical care, etc. When it comes to responding to enquiries, committee members highlighted the importance of strengthening collaboration with other government departments to help answer questions on related services.

Committee members have noted that civil organisations were hosting activities to share success stories of overseas talents returning to Macao. The activities are welcomed and encouraged, as they not only benefit the Macao society as a whole, but also provide opportunities for Macao talents to contribute their ideas, giving a positive push to talent flow.

Committee members attending the meeting included Lao Pun Lap, Lao Chi Ngai, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Liang Baijin, Ung Choi Kun and Sou Chio Fai.