Talents Development Committee Holds First Regular General Assembly of 2017

The Talents Development Committee (CDT) held the first regular general assembly of 2017 on May 22nd at the Macao SAR Government Headquarter. The assembly was chaired by CDT President Fernando Chui Sai On, also the chief executive of the Macao SAR. In his remarks, Mr. Chui expressed appreciation for works of the committee during the past year. Afterward, Committee Secretary-General Sou Chio Fai gave a briefing on the progress of a survey compilation named "Report on Talent Management in Macao". The conveners and heads of each task force in the committee reported on the progress of their ongoing works.

The Report on Talent Management in Macao, produced last year by the Talent Development Committee, detailed the status of talents and relevant management in Macao, offering information on population profiling, educational system, industries and the training of talents. After several examinations and revision of the report, the committee comprehensively presented the current status of talent management in the SAR.

Efforts of task forces have come to fruition. The Task Force on Planning and Evaluation has finished the talent-demand survey in five industries--Gaming, Retailing, Hotels and Hostilities, Catering, Conferencing and Exhibitions --and has formulated the Demand List of Talents in Five Industries and the Urgently Needed Talent Directory for Key Areas. Additionally, the task force has formulated a five-year action plan for talent training in Macao, which was later discussed as part of the agenda. The Task Force on Talent Training Program has launched the UNESCO Internship Programme, of which the admission list is expected to be announced at the end of June. The Information Platform for Overseas Macao Citizens, created by the Task Force on Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao, will soon be published online. Meanwhile, the task force has engaged university and research institutes with the Study of the Action Plan for Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao. This year, the task force will coordinate with more alumni organizations of several secondary schools in Macao, to broaden its communicative spectrum with Macao citizens abroad.

The committee members actively expressed their views and discussed about the work of each task force. The priorities of the committee contain: the launch of multiple talent-training programmes, which include the Subsidy Scheme for the Master's Programme at Coimbra University, the Subsidy Scheme for the EMBA Programme at the University of Lisbon, and the Subsidy Scheme for the EMBA Programme at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Moreover, the committee will further discuss incentive plans for obtaining qualification certificates, as well as optimize a pilot program to encourage talents to return in service to Macao.

President Fernando Chui Sai On concluded the event, stating that through the development of society, the well-functioning system, organization and framework of talent cultivation must be established to provide opportunities for more Macao citizens and talents. He motivated all the committee members to continue their endeavour to complete and thereby promote talents development in Macao.

Members attending the conference included: O Lam, Tam Ka Wa, Lao Pun Lap, Leong Lai, Zhao Wei, Lei Heong Iok, Vong Chuk Kwan, Chan Chi Fong, So Ying Suen, Yu Wing Yat, Lao Chi Ngai, Fong Ka Chio, José Manuel de Oliveira Rodrigues, Ip Sio Kai, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Leong Heng Kao, Wu Zhiliang, Liang Baijin, Van Iat Kio, Ma Chi Ngai Frederico, Ung Choi Kun, Wong Chi Hong, Yeung Tsun Man Eric, Ho Teng Iat, Zhang Shu Guang, Mi Jian, and Sou Chio Fai.