Talents Development Committee establishes funding programmes for master courses to develop Chinese-Portuguese bilingual elites

The Subgroup of Elite Developing Plan under the Talents Development Committee recently held the second meeting in the year of 2016, chaired by the Subgroup Leader Wu Zhiliang. The Committee had a discussion on the details of partnerships with University of Coimbra and New University of Lisbon from Portugal.

In order to meet the needs for talents as Macao advances, play a bigger role in connecting China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and hone the skills of talents in both language and professional areas, the Committee is discussing partnership with higher education institutions in Portugal to develop elites not only with language proficiency in both Chinese and Portuguese, but also with solid professional skills. Currently, the Committee is in working with the University of Coimbra to launch a master grants programme, which gives three extra quotas on top of the Postgraduate Scholarships provided by the Technical Commission on Granting Financial Aids for Postgraduate Studies (CTABE), creating more opportunities for Macao students to further their studies in Portugal. Besides, the Talents Development Committee is planning to launch a Lisbon MBA Funding Programme, whose courses will be jointly taught by New University of Lisbon, Catholic University of Portugal and Sloan School of Management of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States, in an effort to develop Macao elites in business administration. During the meeting, the committee members discussed the details of the above-mentioned programmes, including applicant qualifications, funding duration and payment method. It was agreed that the programmes will act as positive guides for Macao youth to upgrade professional skills.

The Committee Secretariat also updated the progress of cooperation with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). In an effort to create internship opportunities in UNESCO headquarter and affiliated organisations, allowing Macao youth to broaden horizons and gain experience, the committee is liaising with relevant authorities towards signing a cooperation agreement to implement the plans. The committee members were confident that Macao youth have the capabilities and language advantage to enter international organisations and play a role.

In the meantime, to provide more opportunities for Macao residents to participate in programmes co-hosted by Macao and overseas higher educational institutions, the Committee Secretariat has touched base with several colleges and universities, suggesting giving extra spots to Macao residents on top of the original programme capacity. As advised by the schools, programmes suitable for Macao residents are now accessible through hyperlinks on the website of the Talents Development Committee, who will continue to follow up with the Macao colleges and universities to put the recommendations into practice.

Committee members and other attendees at the meeting include Wu Zhiliang, Zhao Wei, Lei Heong Iok, Fong Ka Chio, Iu Vai Pan, Zhang Shuguang, Lou Pak Sang and Sou Chio Fai.