Talents Development Committee discussed promoting residents’ participation in certification and enhancing professional skills

The subgroup of Incentive Plan for the Qualified Professionals and Skilled Talents Acquiring Plan under the Talents Development Committee recently held a joint meeting and continue to discuss the idea about promoting residents' participation in certification. Meanwhile, the Committee Secretariat also reported the follow-up case of "Government and enterprise on-the-job training and promote skills certification cooperation framework" (hereinafter referred to as "framework") and "certification center information platform" (hereinafter referred to as "certification center".

At the meeting, the Committee discussed about the incentive guidelines to promote high-skilled and practical talents certification plan. "More training, more outcomes, more reward" is desirable to be the standard for rewarding the residents that obtain results in further study and obtain licenses or professional qualifications in order to deepen the construction of society with knowledge and skills. Meanwhile, the committee continued to make in-depth discussions about the implementation scope and target of incentive certification. The committee has carried out a research earlier for five industries that includes hotel, catering, convention and exhibition, gaming and retail, and the data of talent demand that derived from the research is suggested to use as a reference. Then the first phrase of implementation scope is determined after further consolidation and analysis of the relevant information.

In addition, "Government and enterprise on-the-job training and promote skill certification cooperation framework" has been adopted at the Talents Development Committee assembly meeting in 2015 for the implementation of the three-in-one application talents training model "training, certification, employment", and which includes the promotion of employees’ training in enterprise, trainers’ training provided by the Government and certification information. At this stage, the Secretariat has notified different government departments and organizations that implemented the "framework", and follow up and collect the relevant implementation data regularly. It is desirable to enhance the residents' overall employment competitiveness through the cooperation between government, enterprises and organizations about on-the-job training and skills certification.

Subsequently, the Secretariat also reported the follow-up case of "certification center information platform". The platform integrates the information about training, certification and employment requirements to facilitate residents on career planning. Now local certification organizations are set out to collect the certification of information technology and business management on a trial basis. At this stage, the internal testing of the platform system development has been completed, and later the relevant certification institutions will be invited to do the testing and give some feedback. The Secretariat will continue to collect more certification information of different fields to encourage residents to participate in certification and enhance their professional skills in order to assist in gradually promoting the upward flow in the professional field.

Committee members in attendance included Van Iat Kio, Vong Chuk Kwan, Tai Wa Hou, Ip Sio Kai, Wong Chi Hong, Chan Chi Fong, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Yeung Tsun Man, Sou Chio Fai.