Talents Development Committee adds hyperlink to high-salaried job postings in Labour Affairs Bureau

The Talents Development Committee is now hyperlinked to the high-salaried job postings of Labour Affairs Bureau of Macao starting from Tuesday, 21 July 2015. This link, which uses a Chinese language interface, listed job vacancies under five major categories carefully selected by the Labour Affairs Bureau, namely senior corporate management, professionals, highly-skilled, and specialised fields. Renumeration of these posts are no lower than the median of the relevant job categories as announced by the Statistics and Census Bureau.

When searching for your desired job opening, residents could click on the ‘High-salaried job vacancies’ and then ‘Log-in to Your Desired Posts” in the main page of the Talents Development Committee at https://www.scdt.gov.mo, to be directly linked to the high-salaried postings of the Labour Affairs Bureau.

It is believed that this hyperlink to high-salaried job posting will facilitate the search for high-salaried posts in different areas. Residents are welcomed to immediately log-in for a browse.

Talents Development Committee (SCDT) website linked to Labour Affairs Bureau's high-salaried postings