Talent Information Registration Lucky Draw Results Announced

The Talents Development Committee launched a new version of the "Talent Information Registration” system on December 12, 2016. A Lucky Draw was organized to encourage more participation of Macao residents, and closed on March 12, 2017. Three lucky winners have been randomly selected from the pool. The list with related details have been published in the website of the Talents Development Committee (https://www.scdt.gov.mo/pdf/luckdrawlist_e.pdf). The winners shall be notified via telephone and e-mail by the organizer.

The winner shall take his/her original Macao Resident Identity Card, as well as a résumé printed through the "Talent Information Registration” system, to collect the prize personally at the Secretariat of Talents Development Committee, which locates at Unit B, 14th Floor, Rodrigues Commercial Building, No. 599 Avenida da Praia Grande, Macao. A relative or friend of the winner is also permitted to collect the prize instead if needed. In this case, the representative is required to show (1) Copies of the Macao Resident Identity Cards of the winner and of their own; (2) A résumé of the winner printed through the "Talent Information Registration” system. For enquiries, please call the Talents Development Committee at: Tel. 28555108.

The Talent Information Registration is of great importance for future planning of talent cultivation. So far, approximately 8,000 people have registered in the "Talent Information Registration” system. Your participation and support would contribute to the process of more pragmatic policy-makings of Macao SAR Government. Below is the website of the "Talent Information Registration” system: http://www2.scdt.gov.mo/register.