Talent Development


The long-term mechanism of talent training is one of the five long-term mechanisms established by the current Government. In order to better implement the talent training work, the Government established the Talents Development Committee in 2014, the work of which is to establish a sound talents development system for the SAR so that the residents can fully develop their personal talents. The Committee has three basic functions:

  1. Forecast of talent needs (The Panel of Planning and Evaluation)
  2. Talents training and Incentive strategy (The Panel of Talents Training Programs)
  3. The use of talent resources (The Panel of Encouraging Return of Overseas Macao Talents)

The Panel of Talents Training Programs:

The work of this Panel is divided into three categories, namely “Subgroup for Cultivating Elites “, “Subgroup for Incentivizing Qualified Professionals” and “Subgroup for Cultivating Skilled Talents”.