Five-Year Action Plan


To cope with the talents cultivation work of the “Five-Year Development Plan″ of Macao SAR, and to implement the medium-term talents cultivation measure, the Talents Development Committee has collected ideas and opinions from Committee members from three areas, namely, Talents Planning Evaluation, Talents Cultivation, and Returning of Talents. These laid the foundation for the feasibility study and for subsequent formulation of the initial action plan. As the plan touches on the coodination of other departments/organisations, the Committee has solicited opinions. Finally, the “Five-Year-Action-Plan of the Medium- and Long-term Talents Cultivation of Macao″ was formulated, facilitating the orderly implementation of the measures in talent cultivation.

The Action Plan is divided into 19 development strategies and 45 measures/projects, which are to be held responsible and executed by the Talents Development Committee and the relevant institutions/departments.The Talents Development Committee has started with the talent development strategy covered in the Five-Year Development Plan of the SAR Government, which formed its basis of formulating measures in talent cultivation. The measures are to be carried out by the three task forces of the Committee: Task Force of Planning and Evaluation, Task Force of Talents Training Programme and Task Force of Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao.


Steps of Formulation

Target of Talent Cultivation

Brief presentation of Action Plan

Document of Action Plan

Principal Consulting Departments / Institutions