Launch of the “Return-to-Macao Information Platform” for Providing Information to Macao Residents Overseas

Talents Development Committee has recently launched its “Return-to-Macao Information Platform” to provide for the public more comprehensive information about the people’s livelihood and development in Macao, especially for Macao residents overseas who plan to return.

The “Return-to-Macao Information Platform” is integrated with abundant information and data provided by various government departments, and serves as a channel to share information updates and respond to enquiries. It provides information about the overall development of Macao, the latest news about major industries or sectors, etc., with the purpose to have those Macao talents planning to return well notified of the local situation and identified personal development opportunities. The platform also includes information on Macao’s Business, Employment, Taxation, Social Security, Health / Social Welfare and Education. The platform also bares an online function of commenting and responding to enquires..

The website of “Return-to-Macao Information Platform”:


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