"Consular Protection and Assistance - Works on Consular Protection of China in Recent Years" online photo exhibition

    In order to deepen the knowledge of Macao residents on consular protection and service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China for overseas Chinese citizens, and increase their understanding of the risk to overseas safety so as to raise the awareness of safety precaution and self-protection, the Identification Services Bureau launched the “Consular Protection and Assistance – Works on Consular Protection of China in Recent Years” online photo exhibition on 14th August 2020 under the guidance of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the Macao SAR.

    The exhibition is rich in content. Besides introducing different significant foreign emergency events involving overseas Chinese citizens and organizations that China has handled in recent years, as well as cases in regard to consular protection provided to overseas Macao residents and enterprises, it also provides emergency contacts and information for Macao residents encountering difficulties and accidents abroad. The exhibition does not only help Macao residents know more about the achievement in consular protection that China has made throughout these years, but also enhances their understanding of consular protection and services, and thus evokes the feeling of the love and care from China to overseas Chinese citizens.

    Contents of the exhibition can be found on the specialwebsite of “Fundamental Rights and Duties of Residents, Consular Protection and Consular Services” (www.dsi.gov.mo/frdcp) or by scanningthe QR code.