MPI Student Film BLACKBEARS Wins Awards in Italy and US

With the “Daring, Innovative, Persistent” spirit in perusing dreams, the MPI student documentary BLACKBEARS receives the Best Student Film of New York Movie Awards in the U.S. and the Grand Jury Award of Best Sport Film of Oniros Film Awards in Italy. Initiated as a class project, MPI students HO Ka Wai, LONG Weng Si, SIO Seng Tak and LI Wei have gone the distance and brought this Macao local story to the world stage, conglomerating theory and practice, learning and experience, and academia and techniques fostered by MPI’s distinctive programme of Bachelor of Arts in Design.

New York Movie Awards establishes monthly International Film Festival to promote films and filming careers, screening the winning short films every month in the East Village at the Kraine Theater; whereas Oniros Film Awards conceives and celebrates dreams (ὄνειρος = oneiros, Dream in Greek language) in filming from all over the world via competitions and recognitions from industrial professionals. Both film festivals are qualified by the 30-year-old IMDb (Internet Movie Database), the world’s most popular and authoritative source for information on movies, TV shows, and celebrities.

Featuring Macao’s first professional basketball team BLACKBEARS (established in June 2018), the short documentary recorded the teams’ endeavor and hard-core training. Despite the shortage in resources, they have made it to the ASEAN Basketball League and many other professional regional leagues. The true story of BLACKBEARS advocates their “Daring, Innovative, Persistent” attitude in going after their dreams, and also conveys hope and positive energy to other dreamers.  

The winning students said it was their first experience in filming a documentary. Being completely green to the subject, the instruction given by the teacher has helped them to find their direction and to come up with an action plan in order to bring this project into being. The short film desires to introduce the team and the story of BLACKBEARS to the general public, and serves as a motivation for many more Macao’s basketball players to be who they want to be.   

Sharing the same vision with the players, the documentary crew have also gone through falls and stumbles during the production process. In the end, they found active communication and diligent cooperation most effective in solving problems, which are some practical skills gained throughout the journey. The MPI students feel privileged and grateful to have received recognition at international film festivals. Such a great encouragement motivates them to create more work. They also look forward to showing the world that Macao productions are steadily making progress in the industry. They thank MPI and their teacher for the support all along. They also encourage the peer students to put forth their work in different film festivals, “winning or not, it’s a good experience after all.”

UM Macao Fellow Programme now open for applications

The University of Macau (UM) Macao Fellow Programme is now open for applications. Permanent residents of Macao with a master’s or PhD degree from a reputable university are welcome to apply to join UM through this programme. This programme aims to nurture young scholars from Macao and to encourage qualified local talent to pursue career development in Macao. Launched in 2015, the programme has recruited 20 young scholars for UM through a rigorous selection process.

The programme offers a three-year contract to successful applicants, who will have the opportunity to seek visiting appointments at reputable universities or institutions outside Macao as scholars or researchers. This allows them to enrich their teaching and research experience, broaden their horizons, and enhance their professional knowledge. Professional mentors will be assigned to young appointees to provide guidance on how to start and develop a research project, how to publish research papers, and how to become a professional faculty member. Upon meeting a satisfactory level of performance at the end of the contract term, the appointee may have the opportunity to become an assistant professor at UM through open recruitment.

Cheang Wai San graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a PhD degree in biomedical sciences. Ever since joining UM through the UM Macao Fellow Programme in 2015, Dr Cheang has been actively engaged in scientific research. Under the guidance of experienced faculty members at UM, she has already published more than 30 research articles in various international journals over the past few years. In 2016, Cheang was assigned to the University of California, San Diego, for a two-year research stint. ‘That experience was extremely valuable,’ says Cheang. ‘It not only helped me develop an international perspective, but also gave me an opportunity to learn from world-class researchers. It greatly enhanced my teaching and research experience.’ In January 2019, she was promoted to the rank of assistant professor in the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences.

Cheong Weng Chon is another UM Macao Fellow. He joined the Department of Physics and Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, in 2019. Before joining UM, he spent ten years at Tsinghua University in Beijing, where he obtained his bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees in chemistry through a combined undergraduate-master’s-doctoral programme.‘The greatest reward of working at UM is that I can evaluate the prospect of a certain research field from the perspectives of the university and the faculty in the early stages of my teaching career. This helps me adjust my research direction in the future,’ says Cheong. Once the epidemic is under control, Cheong will serve as a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, for a period of two years. He hopes to better adapt himself to the development of UM and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

To apply or to learn more about the programme, please visit on or before 22 April 2020. For enquiries, please call 8822 8061 or email to

PhD studentship in Biomedical Sciences (starting August 2018)

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Macau is seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate to perform structural studies on key cell‐cycle protein complexes under the supervision of Associate Professor William Chao.


The Chao laboratory focuses on using structural biology and in vitro biochemical reconstitution to investigate crucial cell‐cycle mechanisms. Professor Chao has extensive experience in determining multi‐subunit protein complexes with research articles published in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Molecular Cell, and Cancer Discovery.


The appointed student will be given the opportunity to master state‐of‐the‐art techniques in protein complex reconstitution and structure determination as well as acquiring new techniques from collaborators’ laboratories.  


Applicants must hold a bachelor or master degree in relevant areas of natural sciences.  Previous experience in molecular biology and structural biology will be of advantage.


For further information, please contact William Chao @ or visit .


Application Deadline

28th February 2018


Normative Study Period

4 years.  


Postdoctoral Career Prospects

Upon the completion of PhD studies, graduates with Macau permanent residency will be encouraged to apply for the Macau Fellowship, which offers an independent salary to facilitate PhD graduates to acquire competitive international postdoctoral experience.


Talents Development Committee Holds First Regular General Assembly of 2017

The Talents Development Committee (CDT) held the first regular general assembly of 2017 on May 22nd at the Macao SAR Government Headquarter. The assembly was chaired by CDT President Fernando Chui Sai On, also the chief executive of the Macao SAR. In his remarks, Mr. Chui expressed appreciation for works of the committee during the past year. Afterward, Committee Secretary-General Sou Chio Fai gave a briefing on the progress of a survey compilation named "Report on Talent Management in Macao". The conveners and heads of each task force in the committee reported on the progress of their ongoing works.

The Report on Talent Management in Macao, produced last year by the Talent Development Committee, detailed the status of talents and relevant management in Macao, offering information on population profiling, educational system, industries and the training of talents. After several examinations and revision of the report, the committee comprehensively presented the current status of talent management in the SAR.

Efforts of task forces have come to fruition. The Task Force on Planning and Evaluation has finished the talent-demand survey in five industries--Gaming, Retailing, Hotels and Hostilities, Catering, Conferencing and Exhibitions --and has formulated the Demand List of Talents in Five Industries and the Urgently Needed Talent Directory for Key Areas. Additionally, the task force has formulated a five-year action plan for talent training in Macao, which was later discussed as part of the agenda. The Task Force on Talent Training Program has launched the UNESCO Internship Programme, of which the admission list is expected to be announced at the end of June. The Information Platform for Overseas Macao Citizens, created by the Task Force on Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao, will soon be published online. Meanwhile, the task force has engaged university and research institutes with the Study of the Action Plan for Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao. This year, the task force will coordinate with more alumni organizations of several secondary schools in Macao, to broaden its communicative spectrum with Macao citizens abroad.

The committee members actively expressed their views and discussed about the work of each task force. The priorities of the committee contain: the launch of multiple talent-training programmes, which include the Subsidy Scheme for the Master's Programme at Coimbra University, the Subsidy Scheme for the EMBA Programme at the University of Lisbon, and the Subsidy Scheme for the EMBA Programme at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Moreover, the committee will further discuss incentive plans for obtaining qualification certificates, as well as optimize a pilot program to encourage talents to return in service to Macao.

President Fernando Chui Sai On concluded the event, stating that through the development of society, the well-functioning system, organization and framework of talent cultivation must be established to provide opportunities for more Macao citizens and talents. He motivated all the committee members to continue their endeavour to complete and thereby promote talents development in Macao.

Members attending the conference included: O Lam, Tam Ka Wa, Lao Pun Lap, Leong Lai, Zhao Wei, Lei Heong Iok, Vong Chuk Kwan, Chan Chi Fong, So Ying Suen, Yu Wing Yat, Lao Chi Ngai, Fong Ka Chio, José Manuel de Oliveira Rodrigues, Ip Sio Kai, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Leong Heng Kao, Wu Zhiliang, Liang Baijin, Van Iat Kio, Ma Chi Ngai Frederico, Ung Choi Kun, Wong Chi Hong, Yeung Tsun Man Eric, Ho Teng Iat, Zhang Shu Guang, Mi Jian, and Sou Chio Fai.

Talent Information Registration Lucky Draw Results Announced

The Talents Development Committee launched a new version of the "Talent Information Registration” system on December 12, 2016. A Lucky Draw was organized to encourage more participation of Macao residents, and closed on March 12, 2017. Three lucky winners have been randomly selected from the pool. The list with related details have been published in the website of the Talents Development Committee ( The winners shall be notified via telephone and e-mail by the organizer.

The winner shall take his/her original Macao Resident Identity Card, as well as a résumé printed through the "Talent Information Registration” system, to collect the prize personally at the Secretariat of Talents Development Committee, which locates at Unit B, 14th Floor, Rodrigues Commercial Building, No. 599 Avenida da Praia Grande, Macao. A relative or friend of the winner is also permitted to collect the prize instead if needed. In this case, the representative is required to show (1) Copies of the Macao Resident Identity Cards of the winner and of their own; (2) A résumé of the winner printed through the "Talent Information Registration” system. For enquiries, please call the Talents Development Committee at: Tel. 28555108.

The Talent Information Registration is of great importance for future planning of talent cultivation. So far, approximately 8,000 people have registered in the "Talent Information Registration” system. Your participation and support would contribute to the process of more pragmatic policy-makings of Macao SAR Government. Below is the website of the "Talent Information Registration” system:

Notice: Relocation of Secretariat of Talents Development Committee

The Secretariat of the Talents Development Committee has been officially relocated to the following address, available from January 23rd, 2017. With the same telephone number and fax number.

      Address:Avenida da Praia Grande nº 599, 
             Edf. Comercial Rodrigues, 
               14° Andar B, Macau [


      Tel: (853) 28555108
      Fax: (853) 28555106



Famous Animator Shares His Story of Dream Realisation against Odds

Organised by the Talents Development Committee, the ‘Dreams for Cowboys - Story of the First Chinese Animator in Disney’ was held on 13th September, featuring internationally renowned animator Davy Liu who shared his experience of pursuing his dream. The session was enthusiastically received, attracting the participation of many aspiring local young workers in the fields of art and culture as well as students of relevant subjects.

The event was held in Lecture Theatre 1 at Wui Chi Building kindly lent by Macao Polytechnic Institute, with the Talents Development Committee and the Cultural Industries Fund as the organiser and the co-organiser.

The speaker Davy Liu was the first Chinese to join Walt Disney Feature Animation. His personal testimony has inspired many youngsters in how to persevere in following their dreams even in times of defeat. He also shared his creative work experience in the world famous animation team, immersing the art-loving participants in the charm of animation-making, while young attendees had learnt a lot from the talk, which was followed by Liu’s active interaction and exchanges with the audience.

The Talents Development Committee expects to motivate, with successful stories from various sectors like this, local youths to chase their dreams and find a path for personal development to best unleash their special talent. The committee will continue to host this kind of activity, inviting in the future professionals from all sectors to share their experience as a way of helping young people nurture proper career values.

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Information: Yale Young Global Scholars-Beijing inviting applications

The Yale Young Global Scholars-Beijing Program (YYGS-Beijing) is an immersive 9-day pre-collegiate experience designed to cultivate the next generation of Chinese leaders and China scholars. The program will be operated in Beijing from February 3rd to 11th, 2017. During their experiences in the state-of-the-art facilities at the Yale Center of Beijing, applicants recruited in the program will have the opportunity to learn from a great number of distinguished Yale faculty, students, alumni, and practitioners.

The program accepts international applications from grade 10 or 11 students aged 15-17. Full-tuition scholarships, covering 100% of travels costs to and from Beijing, will be offered to 15 outstanding students in the program. All students will be automatically eligible for the scholarship application by filling in the “Scholarship” section of the online application form.

For more information about the program, please check the website: Interested applicants may apply online before 12:00 pm, October 25th, 2016.

Delegates from Beijing Overseas Talents Center visited Talents Development Committee for symposium and briefing

To facilitate the exchange and cooperation between Macao and Mainland China in talent development, delegates from Beijing Overseas Talents Center visited the Talents Development Committee on May 10th. At a discussion with the committee members, the delegates shared their experience and policies adopted by Beijing on attracting overseas talents.

Yuan Fang, Director of Beijing Overseas Talents Center, introduced the main functions and work of the organization at the symposium. As China’s first overseas talent service organization at provincial/municipal level, the Center mainly conducts research on relevant plans and policies in Beijing, as well as providing comprehensive auxiliary services on career development and life condition for high-level talents from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries. Ma Jin, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Leading Group for Beijing Talent Affairs in Hong Kong and Macao, gave an overview of the talent-related work of the Office, followed by a sharing session between the two sides on their respective talent introduction policies. The discussion and exchange between the committee members and the delegates of the Beijing Overseas Talents Center will serve as an important reference as the Committee makes future planning for local talent development in Macao.

Moreover, with the support from the Committee, Beijing Overseas Talents Center hosted a policy briefing with Macao’s university students at the Centre for Higher Education Students in the evening. Director Yuan Fang elaborated on the plans and relevant policies, with an emphasis on the supporting polices adopted at Zhongguancun to attract highly-educated and talented employees and entrepreneurs. The briefing enabled the university students in Macao to gain a deeper understanding of Beijing’s talent development policies.

The Committee will continue to work closely with the talent-related organizations and institutions in Mainland China in the future to host a variety of activities, and collect comprehensive information in the area of talent development.

Participating in this event were Na Lin, Director of Public Relations, and Zhuang Kaili, Operation Assistant from Beijing Overseas Talents Center, Ma Yunfei and Yu Li, Assistants to Director of the Liaison Office of the Leading Group for Beijing Talent Affairs in Hong Kong and Macao. Committee members who attended the symposium included Chan Chi Fong, Yu Wing Yat, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Van Iat Kio, Ung Choi Kun, Zhang Shuguang and Sou Chio Fai.



Leaders from Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University visited Talents Development Committee for exchanges

On April 22, Professor David Qingzhong Pan, the Executive Dean of Schwarzman College, together with Yang Tingting and Liang Bing, the Deputy Directors of the Admission office of Tsinghua University, visited Talents Development Committee and introduced the Program of "Schwarzman Scholars of Tsinghua University" (hereinafter referred to as "Scholars Program" ). In addition, the two sides held discussion on talents nurturing and explored the potential cooperation opportunities.

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Pan introduced the "Scholars program”, which is the one-year Master’s Degree program designed specially for the new generation of global leaders to improve their leadership, with the aim of nurturing the future leaders who know China. Each year, less than 200 excellent undergraduates from all over the world will be chosen to carry out the graduate study at Tsinghua University, based on their academic credentials, personal integrity and responsibility, extracurricular interests, and leadership potential. Among the first batch of 111 Schwarzman scholars to be enrolled in this autumn, there are also students also from Macao.

At the meeting, the members of the Talents Development Committee agreed with the teaching philosophy and interaction course design of the "Scholars Program", and exchanged opinions about talents nurturing with the professors from Tsinghua University. Some members mentioned that Schwarzman College could conduct the communication, cultural exchange and cooperation with the Lusophone countries via Macao SAR by virtue of its goal of establishing the "World Tourism and Leisure Center" and the Service Platform for Sino-Portuguese Countries Economy and Trade Cooperation. In addition, the Committee also welcomed the Schwarzman College to nurture the public servants of the SAR through entering into cooperation agreement with the Macao government.

Professor Pan appreciated the valuable suggestions from the members of the Committee, and expected the cooperation between Schwarzman College and the Macao SAR government could promote more Macao students to participate into the "Scholars Program" and become Schwarzman Scholars.

The members and the persons participated in the meeting are Chan Chi Fong, So Ying Suen, Yu Wing Yat, Lao Chi Ngai, Tai Wa Hou, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Ma Chi Ngai Frederico, Yeung Tsun Man Eric, Zhang Shuguang, Ho Teng Iat, Lou Pak Sang, Tam Oi Lam and Sou Chio Fai.