Launch of the “Return-to-Macao Information Platform” for Providing Information to Macao Residents Overseas

Talents Development Committee has recently launched its “Return-to-Macao Information Platform” to provide for the public more comprehensive information about the people’s livelihood and development in Macao, especially for Macao residents overseas who plan to return.

The “Return-to-Macao Information Platform” is integrated with abundant information and data provided by various government departments, and serves as a channel to share information updates and respond to enquiries. It provides information about the overall development of Macao, the latest news about major industries or sectors, etc., with the purpose to have those Macao talents planning to return well notified of the local situation and identified personal development opportunities. The platform also includes information on Macao’s Business, Employment, Taxation, Social Security, Health / Social Welfare and Education. The platform also bares an online function of commenting and responding to enquires..

The website of “Return-to-Macao Information Platform”:


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Talents Development Committee establishes funding programmes for master courses to develop Chinese-Portuguese bilingual elites

The Subgroup of Elite Developing Plan under the Talents Development Committee recently held the second meeting in the year of 2016, chaired by the Subgroup Leader Wu Zhiliang. The Committee had a discussion on the details of partnerships with University of Coimbra and New University of Lisbon from Portugal.

In order to meet the needs for talents as Macao advances, play a bigger role in connecting China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and hone the skills of talents in both language and professional areas, the Committee is discussing partnership with higher education institutions in Portugal to develop elites not only with language proficiency in both Chinese and Portuguese, but also with solid professional skills. Currently, the Committee is in working with the University of Coimbra to launch a master grants programme, which gives three extra quotas on top of the Postgraduate Scholarships provided by the Technical Commission on Granting Financial Aids for Postgraduate Studies (CTABE), creating more opportunities for Macao students to further their studies in Portugal. Besides, the Talents Development Committee is planning to launch a Lisbon MBA Funding Programme, whose courses will be jointly taught by New University of Lisbon, Catholic University of Portugal and Sloan School of Management of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States, in an effort to develop Macao elites in business administration. During the meeting, the committee members discussed the details of the above-mentioned programmes, including applicant qualifications, funding duration and payment method. It was agreed that the programmes will act as positive guides for Macao youth to upgrade professional skills.

The Committee Secretariat also updated the progress of cooperation with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). In an effort to create internship opportunities in UNESCO headquarter and affiliated organisations, allowing Macao youth to broaden horizons and gain experience, the committee is liaising with relevant authorities towards signing a cooperation agreement to implement the plans. The committee members were confident that Macao youth have the capabilities and language advantage to enter international organisations and play a role.

In the meantime, to provide more opportunities for Macao residents to participate in programmes co-hosted by Macao and overseas higher educational institutions, the Committee Secretariat has touched base with several colleges and universities, suggesting giving extra spots to Macao residents on top of the original programme capacity. As advised by the schools, programmes suitable for Macao residents are now accessible through hyperlinks on the website of the Talents Development Committee, who will continue to follow up with the Macao colleges and universities to put the recommendations into practice.

Committee members and other attendees at the meeting include Wu Zhiliang, Zhao Wei, Lei Heong Iok, Fong Ka Chio, Iu Vai Pan, Zhang Shuguang, Lou Pak Sang and Sou Chio Fai.


Skilled talents development framework applied by Talents Development Committee yields preliminary results

The Subgroup of Skilled Talents Acquiring Plan under the Talents Development Committee recently held the second meeting in the year of 2016, chaired by Subgroup Leader Wong Chi Hong. Representatives from the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Labour Affairs Bureau were invited by the Committee Secretariat to attend the meeting. During the meeting, the Secretariat updated the implementation progress of “Cooperation Framework of On-the-job Training for Government and Enterprise Employees and Promoting Skills Certification” (hereinafter referred to as “Framework”) and the Committee reviewed relevant files.

The Secretariat reported the progress of the Framework in its first quarter of implementation. The information was collected from several government bodies, with the majority from the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Labour Affairs Bureau, covering a wide range of aspects including training courses, participation in certification, and the implementation of career consultation services and career planning activities.

After listening to the report and reviewing relevant files, committee members were engaged in an in-depth discussion. It was pointed out that the files reflected the current situation of professional training and certification participation in Macao. Analysis of these records helps define the future direction for promoting certification, which will serve as a reference for how talents development should be shaped. It was also suggested that training and certification records from other organisations should also be collected and reviewed, so as to amplify the effect of the Framework.

To optimise the talents development system of "training, certification, employment", committee members expressed concerns over the recognition of certificates among employers, urging to set guiding polices to drive certificate acceptance from the government and the society. It was also noted that the work should be implemented in a phased manner and will serve as guidelines in the career planning of Macao residents.

The incentive plan for talents development and certification has been on the Committee meeting agenda for several times. As data shows, there remains a gap of certification funding in the Continuing Education Development Plan (hereinafter as “PDAC”). Therefore, it was suggested that the collaboration between organisations should be further enhanced to fully leverage the resources offered by PDAC, before launching other specific incentive plans step by step.

Summarising the suggestions from the Committee, the representative from the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau concluded that the third phase of PDAC would focus on designing guiding policies on certification funding in collaboration with the Committee to encourage residents to take part in certification examinations. The Bureau will also consider collecting results data from local organisations which have applied for certification funding, as a way to enrich the Macao talent pool. The representative from the Labour Affairs Bureau pointed out that the current programmes combining training and certification are mostly equipment maintenance courses co-hosted with enterprises and building seepage repairing courses co-hosted with engineering departments. More practice trainings, such as safe operation of heavy construction machinery, will be organised in partnership with the business community.

Committee members attending this Subgroup Meeting of Skilled Talents Acquiring Plan included Wong Chi Hong, Chan Chi Fong, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Leong Heng Kao, Ung Choi Kun, Ma Chi Ngai Frederico and Sou Chio Fai.


Talents Development Committee Holds First Regular General Assembly of 2017

The Talents Development Committee (CDT) held the first regular general assembly of 2017 on May 22nd at the Macao SAR Government Headquarter. The assembly was chaired by CDT President Fernando Chui Sai On, also the chief executive of the Macao SAR. In his remarks, Mr. Chui expressed appreciation for works of the committee during the past year. Afterward, Committee Secretary-General Sou Chio Fai gave a briefing on the progress of a survey compilation named "Report on Talent Management in Macao". The conveners and heads of each task force in the committee reported on the progress of their ongoing works.

The Report on Talent Management in Macao, produced last year by the Talent Development Committee, detailed the status of talents and relevant management in Macao, offering information on population profiling, educational system, industries and the training of talents. After several examinations and revision of the report, the committee comprehensively presented the current status of talent management in the SAR.

Efforts of task forces have come to fruition. The Task Force on Planning and Evaluation has finished the talent-demand survey in five industries--Gaming, Retailing, Hotels and Hostilities, Catering, Conferencing and Exhibitions --and has formulated the Demand List of Talents in Five Industries and the Urgently Needed Talent Directory for Key Areas. Additionally, the task force has formulated a five-year action plan for talent training in Macao, which was later discussed as part of the agenda. The Task Force on Talent Training Program has launched the UNESCO Internship Programme, of which the admission list is expected to be announced at the end of June. The Information Platform for Overseas Macao Citizens, created by the Task Force on Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao, will soon be published online. Meanwhile, the task force has engaged university and research institutes with the Study of the Action Plan for Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao. This year, the task force will coordinate with more alumni organizations of several secondary schools in Macao, to broaden its communicative spectrum with Macao citizens abroad.

The committee members actively expressed their views and discussed about the work of each task force. The priorities of the committee contain: the launch of multiple talent-training programmes, which include the Subsidy Scheme for the Master's Programme at Coimbra University, the Subsidy Scheme for the EMBA Programme at the University of Lisbon, and the Subsidy Scheme for the EMBA Programme at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Moreover, the committee will further discuss incentive plans for obtaining qualification certificates, as well as optimize a pilot program to encourage talents to return in service to Macao.

President Fernando Chui Sai On concluded the event, stating that through the development of society, the well-functioning system, organization and framework of talent cultivation must be established to provide opportunities for more Macao citizens and talents. He motivated all the committee members to continue their endeavour to complete and thereby promote talents development in Macao.

Members attending the conference included: O Lam, Tam Ka Wa, Lao Pun Lap, Leong Lai, Zhao Wei, Lei Heong Iok, Vong Chuk Kwan, Chan Chi Fong, So Ying Suen, Yu Wing Yat, Lao Chi Ngai, Fong Ka Chio, José Manuel de Oliveira Rodrigues, Ip Sio Kai, Tai Wong Kuai Leng, Leong Heng Kao, Wu Zhiliang, Liang Baijin, Van Iat Kio, Ma Chi Ngai Frederico, Ung Choi Kun, Wong Chi Hong, Yeung Tsun Man Eric, Ho Teng Iat, Zhang Shu Guang, Mi Jian, and Sou Chio Fai.

Application for “UNESCO Internship Program” 2017 Now Starts

The Talents Development Committee, the Macao Foundation and the Tertiary Education Services Office have jointly launched the “UNESCO Internship Program” (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Program’). Those admitted to the Program will be offer internships in UNESCO Headquarters, offices or their affiliated institutions with grants issued by Macao SAR Government. The duration for registration is from March 15 to April 13.

This Program is launched for the first time by the Macao SAR Government, to provide young people in Macao with opportunities to practice in international organizations, by which they could expand their international perspectives and promote their professional growths with the accumulating working experiences. Each year, up to 10 eligible Macao residents are allowed to practice in internship positions offered by UNESCO. Such positions cover: Social and Human Sciences, Science and Technology and Innovation, Human Resources, Communication, and Cultural Heritage. The internship of destinations include: Cameroon, Mozambique, and Peru.

Applications are available for those who hold a Macao Permanent Resident Identity Card, a certificate of professional degree (bachelor's or above) specified for the internship position issued in academic year 2015/2016 or academic year 2016/2017, and have the appropriate required language proficiency. The maximum duration of the internship is 12 months. The specific date of the internship is subject to the Admission Notice from UNESCO. The round trip travel expenses and the monthly living allowance of MOP$ 12,000 shall be granted by the SAR Government.

With the application documents reviewed and approved, a List of Candidates shall be prepared for UNESCO to make admission decision through selection. The finalized results shall be published on the website of the Talents Development Committee by the end of June.

For more details/ application, please log in the Committee Website ( For enquiries, please call Ms. Chou or Ms. Ng at Tel. 28555108 in office hours.


Talent Information Registration Lucky Draw Results Announced

The Talents Development Committee launched a new version of the "Talent Information Registration” system on December 12, 2016. A Lucky Draw was organized to encourage more participation of Macao residents, and closed on March 12, 2017. Three lucky winners have been randomly selected from the pool. The list with related details have been published in the website of the Talents Development Committee ( The winners shall be notified via telephone and e-mail by the organizer.

The winner shall take his/her original Macao Resident Identity Card, as well as a résumé printed through the "Talent Information Registration” system, to collect the prize personally at the Secretariat of Talents Development Committee, which locates at Unit B, 14th Floor, Rodrigues Commercial Building, No. 599 Avenida da Praia Grande, Macao. A relative or friend of the winner is also permitted to collect the prize instead if needed. In this case, the representative is required to show (1) Copies of the Macao Resident Identity Cards of the winner and of their own; (2) A résumé of the winner printed through the "Talent Information Registration” system. For enquiries, please call the Talents Development Committee at: Tel. 28555108.

The Talent Information Registration is of great importance for future planning of talent cultivation. So far, approximately 8,000 people have registered in the "Talent Information Registration” system. Your participation and support would contribute to the process of more pragmatic policy-makings of Macao SAR Government. Below is the website of the "Talent Information Registration” system:

Surveys on Future Talent Needs of Macao’s Finance and Construction Industries Conducted in Orderly Manner

The Task Force for Planning and Evaluation under the Talents Development Committee held its first meeting of the year of 2017. It was chaired by Dr. Yeung Tsun Man Eric, Convener of the Task Force. During the meeting, the Committee Secretariat briefed on the progress of the Survey on the Future Talent Needs of Macao’s Finance Industry and the Survey on the Future Talent Needs of Macao’s Construction Industry, summarised the work on the Catalogue of Talent in Short Supply in Five Key Industries and discussed the five-year action plan Medium- and Long-Term Talent Training Programme.

The Committee Secretariat reported that it had commissioned Macao’s higher education institutions to conduct the surveys, which were delivering survey questionnaires to the entity representatives of the industries concerned, expecting results within this year. Representatives of the City University of Macau, one of the commissioned institutions, were present in the meeting to introduce the work concerned and offer details of its implementation.

The surveys will be conducted by quantitative and qualitative methods in the form of questionnaires, panel meetings, interviews, scientific analyses of sectoral economic development and so on, with six local major construction associations being the main questionnaire targets, and local construction worker unions on the waiting list. According to the representatives, their research team comprises veterans from relevant industries, enabling them to better co-ordinate with industry members to produce more effective surveys, and currently have received active responses from the industries.

Meanwhile, the meeting addressed the follow-up work of the five-year action plan Medium- and Long-Term Talent Training Programme, which the Committee expected to review in the next meeting.

In addition, the Committee Secretariat summarised that it had completed and released the Lists of Talent Demands of Five Key Economic Sectors and the Catalogue of Talents in Short Supply in Key Areas last year, in order that the community could have a comprehensive understanding of the talent demands in the key areas in Macao.

The requirements for the positions in short supply are converted into indices, including jobs’ educational qualifications, work experience, professional skills and capabilities, as well as monthly salaries, which help residents learn about the most wanted positions in Macao’s key sectors at present, with information of the basic skills required and salary levels. The catalogue provides information for job promotion and transfer within the five said sectors, and serves as references for personal advancement and career development. Moreover, the catalogue facilitates the formulation of talent development policies. For more information, please visit the Committee’s website

Committee members presented at the meeting were: Yeung Tsun Man, Leong Lai, Chan Chi Fong, Liang Liu, Lao Chi Ngai, Tai Wa Hou, Van Iat Kio, Sou Chio Fai, Leong Sin Man, and the representatives of the City University of Macau including Khong Yueng Wah, Manuel Ma and Zhang Jing Qi.

Surveys on Future Talent Needs of Macao’s Finance and Construction Industries Conducted in Orderly Manner

Notice: Relocation of Secretariat of Talents Development Committee

The Secretariat of the Talents Development Committee has been officially relocated to the following address, available from January 23rd, 2017. With the same telephone number and fax number.

      Address:Avenida da Praia Grande nº 599, 
             Edf. Comercial Rodrigues, 
               14° Andar B, Macau [


      Tel: (853) 28555108
      Fax: (853) 28555106



Brand New Talent Information Registration System Introduced, Lucky Drawing Held to Encourage Resident Participation


The Talents Development Committee will launch a new-version of "Talent Information Registration" system on 12 December 2016. The new system will allow Macao residents to register their information, including personal information, work experience, educational attainments and licences. The optimised registered system will enhance the process of future data analysis.

A scientific analysis of talents’ information plays an important role in future planning of policies. The brand-new "Talent Information Registration" system introduces an ID card validation programme provided by the Identification Department, which further strengthens the accuracy of registrants' personal information. In addition, it encodes information such as occupation, educational attainments, and licences while optimising the current system structure, to form a much beneficial database.

To encourage Macao residents to register / update the information, the Committee will operate a lucky draw from 12 December 2016 to 12 March 2017. During the period, registrants at least 15 years of age will automatically participate in the lucky draw, by logging into the "Talent Information Registration" system. For former registrants, updating information do the same.

More details about the lucky draw:

Website of the Talent Information Registration system:

IMD World Talent Report 2016


The IMD World Talent Ranking focuses on three main categories - investment/development, appeal and readiness - which in turn are derived from a much broader range of factors. These include education, apprenticeship, employee training, brain-drain, cost of living, worker motivation, quality of life, language skills, remuneration and tax rates.



Full Report:

Source: IMD