Overview of the Committee & Members

Objectives of Establishing Talents Development Committee

Since the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region was founded, the whole Macao society has developed rapidly, and its prominent demands for talents has soon highlighted. In order to construct and promote the roles as ‘a global tourism and leisure centre’ and ‘a trading platform for economic co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries’, as well as cope with the rapid growth of society, it is necessary to arrange the strategic deployment for talents development as soon as possible, in tandem with strengthening talents cultivation and reservation. For this purpose, the MSAR Government established the ‘Talents Development Committee’ (Comissão de Desenvolvimento de Talentos) in early 2014. The committee is customized for formulation, planning and coordination of a long-term developing strategy about talents cultivation in the MSAR. Besides, it is responsible to work out relevant measures and policies of talents cultivation in the short, medium and long term, as well as conduct “Elites Nurturing Plan”, “Incentive Plan for the Qualified Professionals”, and “Skilled Talents Acquiring Plan”. The committee also launches different schemes that strengthen local talents retention and encourage overseas talents returning to Macao, and accelerates the coordination of local, regional, and international talents training projects and events, and so on and so forth.

Committee Members

PresidentHo Iat Seng,
Chief Executive
Vice PresidentAo Ieong U,
Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture
MemberHoi Lai Fong,
Chief-of-cabinet of the Office of the Chief Executive
MemberCheong Chok Man,
Director of Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau
MemberKong Chi Meng,
Director of Education and Youth Development Bureau
MemberSong Yonghua,
Rector of the University of Macau
MemberIm Sio Kei,
Rector of Macao Polytechnic University
MemberVong Chuk Kwan,
President of Macau Institute for Tourism Studies
MemberWu Zhiliang,
President of the Administrative Committee of the Macao Foundation
MemberWong Chi Hong,
Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau
MemberU U Sang,
President of the Board of Directors of Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute
MembersCheang Hong Kuong; Fong Ka Fai; Kou Chon Fai; Lau Ion Tong; Loi Man Keong; Tong Kai Chung; U Seng Pan; Vong Pui Lam; Chan Sau San; Choi Peng Cheong; Fernando Lourenço; Hu Yuanjia; Ieong Man Un; Lau Kam Ling; Leong Lam Po; Li Shaoping; Mak Seng Hin; Fok Manson; Mok Iun Lei; Tou Kei San; Xu Aoao; Wang Yibo.
Secretary-GeneralChao Chong Hang