Social Security

Social Security

Social Security Fund

The Social Security Fund is subordinate to the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture and responsible for implementing various policy measures concerning social security and managing relevant resources.

Established on 23rd March 1990, the Social Security Fund primarily serves to provide social security for local employees. With the exacerbated social phenomenon of ageing, the demand of residents for a universal coverage has become increasingly urgent. Thus, in November 2008 the Government announced the Social Security and Old-age Pension System Reform Programme. Its core content is to build a double-tier social security system (i.e.) through the first-tier social security system all Macao residents can enjoy basic social protection, particularly old-age protection in order to improve the quality of life of residents whilst a more ample protection for retired life is supported by the second tier non-mandatory Central Provident Fund.

The draft law of the second tier non-mandatory central provident fund system was approved in principle by the Legislative Assembly on 21st June 2016. Once the Legislative Assembly completes detailed discussion and passes the draft law the system will be formally implemented.

Social Security System

Law No. 4/2010, Social Security System became effective on 1st January 2011, being the first tier of the two-tier Social Security System. This System operates under the principles of social insurance and pay-as-you-go (PAYG). Its funds are derived from contributions by employers, employees and individual participants, non-resident worker employment fees, an appropriation from the gaming industry’s revenue, the Government’s allocation of one per cent of the recurrent budget revenue, and interest payments received from Social Security Fund investments.

The Social Security System comprises an obligatory contribution system and arbitrary contribution system. Employees and employers who have employment relationships are required to make an obligatory contribution of  MOP 45 (employer MOP 30 and employees MOP 15) to the Social Security Fund on a monthly basis; other residents who comply with the relevant legal requirements can make contribution of MOP 45 by enrolling in the arbitrary system.

According to Executive Order No. 357/2016, the monthly contribution amount of the Social Security System was increased to MOP 90 on 1st January 2017 (employer MOP 60, employee MOP 30), while monthly contribution of the Arbitrary System is MOP 90.


Social Security Pension Payments and Allowances

According to the current social security system, eligible beneficiaries are legally entitled to old-age pensions, disability allowance, unemployment allowance, sickness allowance, funeral allowance, marriage allowance, birth allowance, disbursement for costs arising from work-related debts and respiratory diseases.

In accordance with Executive Order 142/2016, all pension payments and allowances of the Social Security System are as follows:

Pension payments/ Allowances Amount (MOP)
Old-age pension 3,450/month
Disability pension 3,450/month
Unemployment allowance 138/day
Sickness allowance Non-hospitalisation:  104 /day
Hospitalisation: 138/day
Birth allowance 1,957/time
Marriage allowance 1,957/time
Funeral allowance 2,534/time


Provident Fund Individual Accounts

Law 14/2012, Provident Fund Individual Accounts, took effect on 15th October 2012. The setting up of provident fund individual accounts seeks to process appropriation from public funds to the residents of the Macao Special Administrative Region in order to strengthen the social security and enhance the quality of life of residents, especially senior citizens, and lay the foundation for the establishment of a non-mandatory Central Provident Fund System comprising contributions from employees and employers.

Permanent residents over the age of 22 who have resided in Macao for at least 183 days within the year prior to the allocation are entitled to fund allocation to their provident fund individual accounts. Account holders who have reached 65 years of age or those who have met certain criteria are eligible to apply to withdraw funds from their accounts.


Social Security Fund

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