Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme

In order to encourage young people in Macao to fulfill their dreams of starting their own business and thereby foster economic diversification and innovation in Macao, the Government has launched an interest-free business start-up loan programme specially designed for young people. Interest-free financial assistance is provided to those who have already conceived the idea of starting a business and started the relevant operations, to relieve them of the pressure of shortage of funds during the business start-up stage.

The Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme was launched in August 2013, with a maximum loan amount of MOP 300,000 and longest repayment period of eight years. The industries involved have mainly been retail, real estate, corporate services, restaurants and hotels, wholesale, and personal services including automobile and motorcycle repair, and hair and beauty salons, as well as education, healthcare, and social welfare.

Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre

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SMEs Service Platform

Jointly established by the Macau Youth Entrepreneur Association, Bank of China SME Service Centre and Macao Daily News ‘Economy’, the SMEs Service Platform is a web-based platform focusing on interactions between young entrepreneurs, banks, specialist teams, SMEs and young business entrepreneurs.

Apart from policy information, it emphasises bank financial analysis and diagnosis of specialised enterprise management to improve business models, inspire new business thinking, promote multi-industry and cross-discipline exchanges, help SMEs develop, and enhance management standards on a continued basis. It also makes use of this platform to provide market information, business support and business matching and enables the function of e-commerce. It also hopes to help local SMEs develop and grow via support and assistance.

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