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Public Sector Employment and Recruitment Services

The Labour Affairs Bureau is responsible for promoting employment and ensuring the balance between the demand and supply of manpower resources in the labour market, and for providing free services of job referral and recruitment to residents and companies in Macao.


Employers-related information page(Source: Labour Affairs Bureau)   Employees-related information page(Source: Labour Affairs Bureau) 

Recruitment of Government Departments


For the recruitment information of governments, please refer to the website of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (Chinese and Portuguese only).

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According to the Regulamento Administrativo n.º 14/2016 which is revised by Regulamento Administrativo n.º 23/2017, has been put into effect in 21 August 2017. It revised the recruitment procedure of certain positions, and is divided into two separate tests: the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau will be responsible for the general knowledge test of candidates, and the recruiting department will be responsible for the professional or vocational test.

For more information, please refer to the following website (Chinese and Portuguese only.)

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