• Free trade zone with separate tax jurisdiction.
  • Integrated with the Mainland, EU and Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • Government encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • A persistently low unemployment rate.
  • Median earnings of employed residents around MOP20,000 in second quarter of 2018.
  • Simple taxation structure. Low tax rates.
  • Multiple exemptions of industrial taxes in 2018.
  • Personal income tax is between 7-12%. Tax allowance below MOP144,000.
Social Security
  • Two-tier social security system implemented:
  • Basic social security, especially for the elderlies.
  • Provident Fund Individual Account
  • 15 years of free education
  • Be ranked top 5 high-performing countries/regions in educational quality and equity by PISA.
  • Multiple scholarships and student subsidies for our residents.
Health / Social Welfare
  • Healthcare Services and health care vouchers.
  • Permanent residents aged 65+ with Old-age Allowance.
  • Community-initiated services supported by Govt